Oh! Holy Mary Pleasure Oil

Oh! Holy Mary - Pleasure Oil

Oh! Holy Mary – Cannabis Pleasure Oil is a potent orgasm intensifier that contains Cannabis Sativa seed oil. Its unique formulation, which took more than a year to develop, has resulted in one of the most strongest, different and long-lasting stimulants on the market.

A unisex stimulating oil. A single drop of Oh! Holy Mary applied on erogenous zones, it initiates a very intense tingling effect, similar to the rubbing of an erotic toy but without using hands. Its effect, localized tingling and prickling, starts to be felt 15-30 seconds after application, and can last in some cases up to 45 minutes.

What makes it different…

“La mayoría de geles estimulantes generan efecto de frio o de calor. Oh! Holy Mary creates a totally different sensation. A unique and intense tingling effect.”

Long-lasting effect, due to its intensity, one drop is enough to feel the effect, and it can last up to 45 minutes in a row.”

Oh! Holy Mary - Pleasure oil, liquid vibrating orgasm intensifier

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