Mag’netik for everyone

Mag'netik for everyone

MAG’NETIK for everyone is a non-binary perfume with PHEROFEELTM. A genderless fragrance with all the active ingredients of PHEROFEELTM that intensify physical attraction and desire.

A perfume for daily use and non-binary because who said fragrances should be gendered? A perfume for those who reject labels.

With hints of fresh citrus such as lime and bergamot, floral notes of lily, jasmine or freesia, complemented by a soft woody touch of vetiver and moss. A fresh perfume, perfect for any occasion and designed for designed for seduction without labels.

Thanks to its concentration in PHEROFEELTM, MAG’NETIK for everyone aims to accentuate attractiveness and seductive empowerment, based on its active ingredients that stimulate the production of androstadienone and emulate copulins.

MAG’NETIK for everyone is included in the new line of MAG’NETIK products based on an active ingredient exclusive to NUEI called PHEROFEELTM and which responds to the demand of a market requesting new pheromone-based products to intensify physical attraction and desire.

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