About Us

About us

It all started in 2013, in Vic, Barcelona, when a group of professionals in the erotic sector got together to carry out the simple yet complex exercise of thinking about what a sensual cosmetic should be like, capable of exciting both the novice user in this field and the more experienced ones.

The list of ideas and requirements was endless. Based only on natural ingredients of the highest quality, with powerful effects, aromas and textures that would surprise the most experienced user, a fresh image close to all types of public, neither too classic nor too alternative, economical, eye-catching at the point of sale, suggestive and changing, always at the service of the user.

It was precisely in this way, after dreaming it, that we decided to work to make NUEI project a reality. 

Although we are still a very young brand, we are proud to be able  to offer a range of products that have taken thousands of couples on the road to passion. That is precisely our greatest reward, to see how day by day our dream grows, more products, more users, more fans and more friends join in this route to the passion that we love.

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