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Passion for Our Customers, Passion for Our Products

In a nutshell, we work to make NUEI the most imaginative and suggestive in erotic cosmetics in the market.

Created by erotic cosmetics professionals, NUEI Cosmetics of the Night offers a variety of imaginative and suggestive products to stimulate and intensify the pleasure of sensuality.

Products designed with delicate aromas and textures that stimulate, care and provide energy, creating an environment that enhances the enjoyment of sexuality.

Nuei invites you to immerse yourself in a universe of sensations through our gels, warming effect oils and pleasure intensifiers. All of them delicately designed to ignite passion and inspire sensuality between lovers.

With the pampering of the NUEI range of products, caresses become electric, kisses are sweeter than ever and the temperature rises to ecstatic heights.

A world in which all people can live and enjoy their sexuality to the fullest, in complete freedom and without conditioning factors of gender, sexual orientation or age.

To offer a wide range of innovative and quality products that stimulate the senses, intensify pleasure and enhance the enjoyment of relationships, developed under the strictest EU regulations.

Created in Spain, all our products are developed with natural ingredients, free of parabens, gluten and sugars. They have been developed without any animal cruelty and are 100% vegan. Because above all, we care about you and your environment.

At the product level, our team works tirelessly to develop exclusive proprietary formulas and offer you the most suggestive scents with the silkiest textures.

At the commercial level, we work directly with stores and distributors to offer the most innovative promotional campaigns, the most effective in-store positioning strategies and create the customer-friendliest communication materials.

There is no pleasure that lasts if it is not revived by variety.

- Siro.

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